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Large White Shepherd’s Crooks


These popular white shepherd’s crooks are perfect to line up the aisle for any outdoor ceremony. They are 1.2 metres high once pressed into the sand or earth. Extremely strong so you can hang anything from it.

Parasol Umbrella


These quality parasol umbrellas are great for rain and shade and look beautiful in wedding photos. Available in white and black.

Pigtail Shepherd’s Crooks


These pigtail style crook’s are great for hanging lighter more delicate items. Just press them into the ground or sand and then drape ribbons or material through the loops at the top to create a spectacular aisle.

Plastic Handle Umbrella


These pratical umbrellas are perfect for sun or rain protection for yourself or your wedding guests. Available in white and black.

Small Traditional Pillar and Urn Set


Small pillars and urns offer a traditional and contemporary look to your wedding aisle or entrance. They are $30 per piece for hire the set for $50. We also have great options for flowers or topiary balls.

Traditional Aisle Pew Bows


Full length pew bows are an ideal aisle decoration whether your wedding ceremony is indoors or outdoors. Perfect for tying to pews, veranda or retunda poles.

Traditional Pillars


Pillars are perfect for creating height to your aisle or entrance and can be used with an urn or a floral arrangement or a candleabra on top. These pillars are sturdy and great for outdoor or indoor use. Available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

Traditional Urns


Urns are perfect for creating a stunning feature to your aisle or entrance and can be used with a pillar or on their own. These urns are sturdy and great for outdoor or indoor use with topiary balls or floral arrangements. Available in 3 sizes, small, squat and tall.

White Decorative Wedding Arch


Perfect for the classic or DIY wedding and comes in 3 pieces for easy installation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


White Outdoor Folding Chair


These high quality chairs with seat pad are great for outdoor events. They are not just comfortable, but also stable on sand and grass.

White Wedding Arch Frame


Our white kitset wedding arch frames are so versatile for beach and garden weddings. Easy to carry, essemble and you can decorate it how you like. Perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. Can be decorated with florals and organza and satin materials.


Wrought Iron Lantern Holder


These wrought iron lantern holders are perfect for the beach or park to line up the aisle or light up a walkway. Just insert into the ground and light the candle. You can also use the lantern holder for floral arrangements.