Q. What does your company do?

A. We are a decorative hire company specialising in designer table centrepieces and theming props which are used for styling weddings and corporate events. We hire items not commonly available from your average party hire company.

Q. When do I need to call and book for your service?

A. Lock in the date of your event as soon as possible as weekends are usually our busiest times.

Q. Will your chair covers fit my venue chairs?

A. Our chair covers fit 98% of armless chairs. Pop over to our chair cover website to find your venue chair.

Q. What if my guest numbers change last minute?

A. No problem. Just let us know as soon as you can. We will be as flexible as possible. You can add or subtract guest numbers right up to 3 days before your wedding or event.

Q. Is there a bond

A. No. However, we ask for a deposit which is 20% of the total hire cost to secure your hire date. Full payment is required 3 working days before delivery or pick up at which time you can adjust your order numbers up or down before paying your final balance.

Q. Do I have to sign a hire agreement?

A. Yes. We also ask for one form of identity and a credit card number which we hold on file as security over hire items until they are returned.

Q. When do I need to return my hire items?

A. We offer a 4 day hire period allowing you ample time to pick up and return your hired items. You only pay for the one day that you use the item(s).

Q. Breakages. What’s considered as damage?

A. Smashed or chipped vases. Serious permanent markings such as candle wax, crayon, marker pen, burns and rips on linen and chair covers. Minor food and drink stains and minor shoe damage around the bottom of chair covers is acceptable. We only charge replacement cost for any damaged item and will always discuss this with you before deducting from your credit card.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. The full hire amount is payable 3 working days before your wedding or event. We accept all major credit cards and direct bank details are provided on your invoice. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Q. Do you deliver or do we pick up?

A. Whichever you prefer. There is a small delivery and pick up charge depending on location.

Q. Can you theme our wedding?

A. Yes. We are all event stylists which means we are skillful in this particular field.

Q. Can I view items before I hire them?

A. Yes. Just phone or email to make an appointment at our showroom in Glenfield.

Q. How long will my helium balloons last?

A. We only use the best quality helium balloons and helium gas which means your balloons will float for the longest possible time which is approx 12-24 hours depending on climate. Our foil balloons will float for many weeks and can be refilled to extend their float time even further.

Q. How long can I keep my ostrich feathers for?

A. Our normal hire is for 4 days. Please remember ostrich feathers are fragile and must be handled with care and should never be put in water. Any damaged ostrich plume feathers will be charged at $10-$15 each depending on size. Always use the hire container to store them in when not in use.

Q. Do you sell your balloons?

A. Yes, but we do not have a shop where you can come in and select balloons. We mainly sell to florists, party hire shops and companies that need bulk balloons.

Q. Do you sell packets of professional decorating balloons?

A. Yes. We have a minimum purchase order of $50 and our balloons are sold in quantities of 100. Packs can be mixed colours if required. We sell plain and printed balloons as well as foil balloons. These balloons are ideal for event decorators, using for promotions and trade shows etc.

Q. Do you sell your giant letters and number balloons?

A. Yes. We sell all our giant theming balloons. Large balloons can be uninflated or inflated with helium. We have a minimum purchase order of $50.

Q. Do you sell your balloons outside of Auckland?

A. Yes. We have a range of DIY party boxes which can be themed for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any special event. We supply everything you need in the box ready to go. You just inflate balloons and attach. We have FREE delivery nationwide. We can customise boxes to suit and supply in any colours required.

Q. I just want to buy one balloon?

A. The best place to buy one balloon would be from your local florist or party hire shop where you can go into the shop and select the balloon you want?

Q. Do you sell twisting balloons?

A. No.

Q. Do you sell outdoor balloons for car yards?

A. Yes. We carry a full range of outdoor car yard balloons and attachments.

Q. Do you sell outdoor balloons for car yards?

A. Yes. We carry a full range of outdoor car yard balloons and attachments.

Q. Helium Balloons FAQ

A. If you are interested to know more about helium and why latex balloons go bang when they burst – click here.

Q. How long will my balloons last?

A. Around a day or so (roughly a 12 hour period). Order your helium balloons as close to your event time as possible. A product called high float can be used to make helium balloons last longer (for balloon bouquets and balloon displays etc). Balloons filled with air usually hold their size and shape much longer (days). A foil balloon can float for over 1 week filled with helium.

Q. Do I need to book my balloon decorations in advance?

A. To guarantee we can supply on your event date the answer is YES! As much warning as possible is always appreciated. However, we can arrange helium balloons at short notice if ordered before 3pm on any day. As you can imagine weekends are hectic so it pays to book your event decorating in advance.

Q. Can I pick up?

A. Yes. However, please bear in mind that balloons are very bulky. They will not fit in cars or station wagons. The most you will be able to fit in a car or station wagon safely is between 10-20 helium balloons.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes. There is a small delivery fee which we will let you know at time of booking.

Q. Do you set up?

A. Yes. Any corporate event work is set-up and cleaned up the following day. We are also happy to set up smaller jobs too. Just ask.

Q. When do you require payment?

A. We require payment at time of order if the purchase is under $200. For balloon decor over $1000 we ask for 50% deposit and full balance of payment 5 working days prior to event. Please read our terms and conditions. We accept all major credit cards and internet banking instructions will be on your invoice.

Q. How do I hire something?

A. Hire items are rented on a 1 day basis. However, we are flexible. We allow pick up the day before and collection the day after. Essentially a three day hire period for the price of one. You will need to sign a general hire agreement on pick up or delivery. Any damages or breakages are your responsibility and will be charged at cost price of item(s).