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Crystal Drops


Selection of styles and various lengths available.

Giant Diamond


Great for theming decor. Available in clear and pink.



Long icicle with attachment hole. Available in clear and ideal for trees/vase decor.

LED 1 Metre String Light


Perfect for theming decor. Available in white, gold, rose gold, purple, blue and green. Batteries supplied.


LED Candle


LED candles are available from tealight size to large size. Long life battery included.


LED Mini Vase Spot


Perfect for lighting up your table centrepieces and displays. Directional (point and display). Batteries included. White light.

LED Submersible Vase Light


Great for adding light to centrepieces and displays. Can be submerged in water. Available in various colours and long life battery included.

Oblong Table Mirror


Table mirrors are the perfect base for display items, trestle tables or head tables.

Ostrich Plume Feather


Ideal for creative centrepieces and themed events. Two sizes available. Available in black, white and hot pink.



Ideal for vase fillers and decorative centrepieces. Available in white, cream tones, mixed light and dark and black pebbles.

Round Table Mirror


Table mirrors are the perfect base for table centrepieces. Two round sizes available.



Great for nautical table centrepieces and candles.

Sea Glass


Perfect for nautical themed centrepieces and beach weddings and events. Clear/white and turquoise available.